Brumwells Flea Market

Setup information
*Anne Arundel County requires mask in all public places indoor or outdoors.  Must wear a mask at all time and maintain your social distance while attending market.   
*DUE to COVID-19 our operation has completely changed. Please. we all must adhere to these new changes.  We are operating at 50%. 
*Cost to setup is $27.00 per day per space, and money is due at arrival at the gate.
Gates open at 6am for vendors.  Gate is one driveway (Roys Drive) pass the main gate on Mountain Road, next to sheds.   Rent will be collected at gate and you will be assigned a space according to your arrival.   You will be provided a trash bag for your paper trash only.  We will not have attendants collecting trash at this time due to COVID-19.  NOTHING can be left on site other than the trash bag that is provided.  
*NO reservation needed, for first come first serve, set up at any yellow pole. Vendors can pay for a spaces the week before if the vendor wants to  save time in the morning of set up.
*VENDORS with Business license must have license with them and be able to show     attendant upon request.  Vendors who buy items for resale must have traders license and tax ID with them, per State of Maryland.
*VENDORS/Homeowners without business license must fill out an affidavit, provided     by Attendant, required by the State of Maryland and required by the state to be returned to attendant at his/her request; Or you may print 2 copies from this site, one to remain with seller and one to be returned to attendant for State of Maryland.
*BRING your own tables.
*VENDOR space is 20' X 20', first come first serve vendors park your vehicle parallel to yellow poles and setup your wares on side of your vehicle;  pull through's will be charged for 2 spaces. Trailers &  trucks 20' or longer must take 2 spaces. 
*NO Sale of food/water or drinks that is consumed on premise, without first     obtaining a written contract with Brumwell's Flea Market. For information on space     availability of food Vendors please call 410-439-1400. Food vendors cost is $52.00     per space per day, includes electric.  Due to Covid-19 picnic area is temporary closed.
*NO Dogs allowed on Flea Market property and NO DOGS TO BE LEFT IN HOT CARS AT ANY TIME.
*NO Illegal sales, NO sales of Sexual Material, NO Gun sales, NO sales of Drug     Paraphernalia. 
*NO sale of animals dead or alive, or any part of an animal, per Maryland DNR.
*Due to COVID-19 and the safety of our employees TRASH cans are for paper goods only.  Boxes, clothes, trash or debris cannot be left by any vendor at anytime. Please take your left over items home with you.