Brumwells Flea Market

Setup information
*COST to set up is $27.00 per day per space, money due at the time of arrival. 
*RESERVED spaces-$25.00 per day, available by the month, paid in advance.
RECOMMENDED setup by 5am. Gates open Friday afternoon for reserved vendors to     bring in your registered vehicle.  
*NO reservation needed, for first come first serve.
*VENDORS with Business license must have license with them and be able to show     attendant upon request.
*VENDORS/Homeowners without business license must fill out an affidavit, provided     by Attendant, for the State of Maryland and given to attendant at his/her request, Or     you may  print 2 copies from this site, one to be with you at your space and one will      be collected by attendant for State of Maryland.
*BRING your own tables.
*VENDOR space is 20' X 20', park your vehicle parallel to yellow poles and setup your     wares on side of your vehicle, pull through's will be charged for 2 spaces. Trailers &     trucks 20' or longer must take 2 spaces. 
*NO Sale of food/water or drinks that will be consumed on premise, without first     obtaining a written contract with Brumwell's Flea Market. For information on space     availability of food Vendors please call 410-439-1400. Food vendors cost is $50.00     per space, includes electric. 
*NO Dogs allowed on Flea Market property.
*NO Illegal sales, NO sales of Sexual Material, NO Gun sales, NO sales of Drug     Paraphernalia. 
*NO sale of animals dead or alive, or any part of an animal, per Maryland DNR.
*TRASH cans are for paper goods only.  Boxes, clothes, trash or debris cannot be left by     any Homeowner or vendor at anytime.